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crashes and stuff

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Oblivion crashes if I alt+tab out of it and use a different app for a short while, this is annoying but I expected better from a big budget game.
Although I'm not the biggest fan of RPG I'm enjoying it. I'm playing as a mage which isn't the easiest class but it's my preferred class in any rpg.

Also started the CPP workshop project 1, this is a great chance for me to get my c++ down before I move onto my next project. Anyone know if future projects will involve graphics programming? 'Cos that would be like wicked, innit.
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Dude, mages are the easiest class to play [grin]. You do ALOT more damage(especialy if you have the difficulty slider turned all left[ but don't tell anyone, [smile] ] ).

Regarding your crashing issue. Have you tried patching? I got the same error when alt-tabbing away, however after patching I believe it worked great.

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Didn't know there was a patch, thanks =)
Mages are great damage dealers but wearing 'tissue paper' armour doesn't help (not counting the warmage, 'cos that's just wrong).

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