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Yay webpages.

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I hate designing web pages. I hate it with a passion. HTML/CSS/Etc... bullshit, no one can agree on a standard. Works with IE, doesn't work with Opera, works with Opera, doesn't work with FireFox, and so on. And no, don't you dare blame Microsoft for this, EVERY browser is guilty of breaking the standards (and if you do insist on blaming Microsoft, you're an idiot) with their own vision of what is correct. HATE.

Anyway, the cause of this rant can be seen at http://www.tape-worm.net/. My page for Gorgon. Now, it's not pretty, nor is it worth visiting. If it doesn't work with your browser, tough shit. I don't care.

It does however seem to work with FireFox and IE7, and that's good enough for me.
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