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Lets try this again

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== Life ====================

Well I'm back... A Lot of bad has happened since I last Posted. I had quit my job so we could move to where my wife got a job, 6 months later my wife looses her job and now we are both unemployed. This mean we are living with he parents and looking for work / trying to do as much game dev. as possible.

== Dev =====================

I lost all my code to a HD Failure. :( and all my backup disks are in storage in another state. So I'm starting over again. I'm using DirectX9 this time for my graphics. I was going to use XNA at first but my laptop is old. MDX is no longer supported and it hates me for some reason every time I tried to use MDX my textures would just vanish on me like 4 frames in, so that was out of the picture. So the only thing left was DirectX9.

I'm also going work on a variant of Project 1 of the C++ Workshop. It will be based on the L5R Combat System instead of the D20 System.

Also if anyone know why WriteConsoleOutput outputs ASCII characters 126-255 as '?' It would be greatly appreciated.

I'm going to try and keep this updated more often. :)
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The Windows console default OEM codepage probably doesn't deal with extended ASCII characters very well. You can use SetConsoleOutputCP to change the codepage. I've never tried it so there may be more to it than that.

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