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Hmmm... assignments...

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So, I went with the 'get drunk' plan last night... glad I did in the end, despite some misgivings I had about the whole bussiness (not the drunkness, never had misgivings about that idea, heh) it was a top amusing night (although I do feel sorry for one of the dogs there, she was a tad stressed most of the night) and got rid of all the tension in my neck and back.. huzzah!

So, today and tomorrow to finish off something to hand in; I went beyond caring about a decent grade a while back when I realised there was no way on earth I was going to get one.

I did have a talk with someone last night (my newest friend, yay! heh) who pointed out that due to weighting of grades and modules etc the single 3rd/2:1 over all shouldn't effect my final grade that much, just have to yank it from the fire for the next few assignments, t'is all good [smile]

oh, and for anyone who hasn't read the comments to my last post you should for Jack's reply... t'is class, heh [lol]
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I would personally rephrase "lubricant" with "destroyer"... but that would mean that I'd be an absolute genious by now if I hadn't touched that first beer 10 years ago [crying]


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