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Assignment 2 v 0 Phantom

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or "how I learnt to stop smoking crack"

Having spent most of the day just chilling out I finally took a crack at the assignment again; this time my plan was to write the code to simulate the data the algorithm would be working on.

So, I start typing away, happy in the fact that while it isn't as easy as it was before the code is starting to flow a bit... and then I had a think about how my algorithm was designed to work... and then I thought about how I'll need to look at the data..

I have come to the conculsion that when I wrote this code a few days ago I was off my head on crack... it's the only way to explain how I got it so so so wrong.. bwarf!

So, I've zipped that code up as I figure it might be handy/amusing and I'll be starting my algos again, this time with a little bit more thought into the kind of data I'll be needing at the end.

Don't smoke crack kids, it's bad for you!

Phantom doesn't really smoke crack... at times he think it might help however... he just gets drunk.. getting drunk IS cool [grin]
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