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Pirates...in space!

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On to level 3:

Blocky Man has been captured by a group of space pirates. So what does he do? He steals their ship of course!

This level is going to be really good. I already have several ideas to go with (pirates piloting mechs, anyone?). Also, this will be the first time an enemy appears that can actually shoot a gun at Blocky Man. Oh yes, and the classic platformer platform: The platform that has a conveyor belt on it which moves you in one direction, causing you to have to run in the oppisite direction in order not to fall to your death.

So basically, expect a cool level.


On an unrelated topic,
">Tuesday can't come soon enough. Tuesday, being the day that the new Sonic game is released. I'll admit, I'm a sonic fanboy. After all, Sonic 3 was the game that inspired me to become a game developer(well, that and megaman).

I'm excited about this game because it looks like they made a game out of the fun parts of Sonic Adventure. You know, the parts beside digging for chaos emeralds as knuckles. Whenever I played Sonic Adventure, I always thought, "Hey, this game is great. But you know what would be better? If they took just the sonic portions of the game and made a game out of that." Well, here it is, and it looks great.
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