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Tubes Fixed

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Prinz Eugn


My internets tubes have been broke all week, but now the gnomes or whatever from the cable company have got it fixed, and now that we've decided to upgrade from moderate to moderately-high speed, we're also running faster than before.

This week it was actually kind of nice not having any internet at home, as that allowed me to get a lot of random work done. I'm kind of pressed for time(or rather, patience) so let's get started:

It's A Montage

Because I don't feel like typing the address for everything I drew this week, let's go with a sweet montaged illustration of my accomplishments:

The stuff around the airplanes is because of the black background, it's not there when it's blue sky. If anything is particularly confusing, don't be afraid to ask about it.

There's other stuff I did for the game, but it's all too small or kind of boring.


I got a little bored yesterday, so I committed to pixel art this doodle of a sweet Russian prototype airplane which kept cropping up alongside my math homework problems, on the margins of my government notes, or on the back of letters from MFCCOTHG (Mark's Fan Club Consisting of Totally Hot Girls). This is the internet, so I hope you accept that previous statement as completely true in every way.

Here it is, the Ye-355:

I like it, anyway.

In related news, I stumbled upon this topic from another more amateurish (i.e. constisting of 12-year-olds) website.
Usually I stop by there to give someone some old sprites I have lying around or to browse around looking at terrible, terrible face-hurting pixel art, therefore increasing my confidence. But this thread inspired me to see if I can make a quick buck off of something I do anyway for hours at a time. By the time you read this, I could be wallowing in $4-10, but probably not.

Anyway, since he wants line art, let me give you a sample of what I'm going to offer him:

I have about 10, probably more, of these types of fighters lying around, so wish me luck in whoring myself out!


-Mark the Artist
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Prinz Eugn, I appreciate your effort, but your craft looks alittle too fancy and fantasy'ish. I want to keep these crafts looking as realistic as possible. You added too many decals too it. Fighter jets should somehow resemble the real ones.

He's kidding, right?

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Thanks, guys.

I'm not sure if he would know good technical design if a really cool robot came up and bit him in the face. He'd probably think it was dumb looking.

He did accept one, but I've been too busy to give him my PayPal address to get my $3(!).


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