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I have trophies

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In case you were puzzling over the whole "trophy case" business that I mentioned regarding the daily puzzles a few weeks ago, I now have something to show off.

Also, I can now show off what the new daily puzzle look-n-feel is gonna be.

Again, it's Poker Patience, but it's basically complete (save for the addition of sound). Everything else is how I want it, like the login-logout, the game-over screen, and the panel that ushers you to play the other puzzles.

And yes, I have a trophy case.

Go here.


While you can see the trophy case for your own handle by going directly to the stat-o-matic page, the easiest way is to check out the little graphical bits that follow each user's name on the high score table. You can hover over 'em for a description (at least you can in IE, Firefox doesn't seem to show alt-tags), or you can click on 'em to look at a user's stats as well as get a better view of the trophy.

All I really need now is a clean way to automatically add trophies from within the game. What I envision is a little "you just won a trophy" sound if you do something particularly interesting in a game (in this case, making 100, 150, or 175 points in Poker Patience). If you wanna see your award, you can pop over to the stat-o-matic page to see it.

Users will get their trophies listed after their names in the high score tables.

Don't bother looking for your trophies if you don't yet have an account. Right now only two users have any trophies (Kaz and myself), and those had to be added manually. Once the existing games are all retrofitted for the new system, I plan to have a plethora of automatic trophies available for all kinds of actions, from the obvious (getting more than 50% in Voracity) to the so-obscure-that-they'll-never-be-found (like the "Jenny Jenny" award for successfully clicking out 867-5309 in Voracity.

I figure this'll foster a bit of competition.

Feel free to comment with any good ideas for trophies the various games should have. . .
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Original post by johnhattan
You can hover over 'em for a description (at least you can in IE, Firefox doesn't seem to show alt-tagsattributes)
That's because that's not what the alt-attribute is for. You want the title attribute.

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