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I figured my website needs a revamp, as the original hasn't been touched in ages - and never really got much content added because it was all hand-crafted and so a pain to add new stuff. So this time I'm going for a pre-build CMS so it should be easier to keep it updated.

Surprisingly, even though the current version is pretty lousy I'm getting a good amount of hits - almost a thousand unique visitors last month! No doubt helped by the addition of Space Monkies, which from the referers I can see has been posted on quite a few games blog type websites. [grin]

I spent some time tinkering with a few CMS's, and Drupal ended up my favorite - quite clean, elegent and not overcomplicated. I've found a nice theme for it, and today I've been customising the look (CSS is great) and adding a few extra modules (mainly an image gallery module).

So heres what it currently looks like:
drupal install

No real content in there yet, as I've been trying to figure out the best way of laying things out. I think I'll just go with a static page for each game, and an image gallery for each linked from that. I have no idea what I'll put on the front page - probably some kind of splash-y thing linking to the three most recent/best games. Drupal by default wants to post all new content on the front page, but I think that would get too cluttered and unorganised for this use.

The colour scheme should be final I think, but any comments on it would be welcome.
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After some initial frustrations, I'm quite liking Drupal now - especially compared to other CMSs which try to do *everything*, so even the default config has about ten boxes on the front page alone. I'm going to stick with 4.7 for the time being, because installing anything else on my hosting is a pain.

So far my only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be a good way to intergrate additional images into static pages. I've added the image gallery module so the galleries themselves are fine, but for each game I'll have to manually create a static html snippit and link to images manually. Really I'd like to be able to create something like an article with lots of images and formatting scattered throughout - some wikis seem to be very good at this.

There may be a module for what I'm after, but for the time being I'll just do that bit manually and see how it goes.

The best thing was that it worked without pain on Opera, Firefox and IE - no annoying quirks or odd formatting, even after I've messed with the layout and content. [grin]

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