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feeding the dinosaurs

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so yeah i'm playing ff12 and for some reason i'm fascinated by the dinosaur in the first outside area you get to play in. its one of the first things i saw in the game, and i wasn't sure how strong it was so i avoided it mostly. well, being the masochist that i am, i saved at the east gate of rabanastre and went out and attacked the beastie for 0 damage. 715 damage was his response, and i only have 222maxhp. huh. go figure, ITS A DINOSAUR.

anyways, i noticed while i was playing around him that he leaves me alone if i leave him alone - he's got a green healthbar so he's neutral. i was fighting a Wolf nearby him and all of a sudden he charges the wolf and eats the thing! i was like WTF! so i brought more wolves to him. he ate them too! fascination took over. so i studied the dino a bit.. until i attacked him by mistake and was mauled again.

from my savepoint, i ran directly to the dino so he wouldn't eat anything. i wanted to catch him at his weakest. i cast libra on myself and targetted the beast to reveal:

Lv.30 Wild Saurian A
HP 6111/6111

i had some wolves tailing me already so i just waited near the saurian, and...

Wild Saurian A uses Cannibalize.
Wild Saurian A feeds on Wolf E, growing stronger.

yay! lets look at him (careful not to attack!)

Lv.36 Wild Saurian A
HP 6205/6771

wheee! eat, my pet! so i fed him some more..

Lv.43 Wild Saurian A
HP 6299/7541

Lv.51 Wild Saurian A
HP 6638/8421

Lv.61 Wild Saurian A
HP 6732/9521

Lv.73 Wild Saurian A
HP 6826/10841

Lv.87 Wild Saurian A
HP 9080/12381

Lv.99 Wild Saurian A
HP 9194/13701

after lv 99 he Cannibalize wouldn't make him any stronger.. so i attacked him! 0 damage?! then he hits for 9999 damage. my poor hp. well, there you have it. i wonder if you get more exp if he's a higher level? i hope he's still there when i'm a higher level, so i can go fight him :)
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how are you liking FFXII?

being a previous FF fan (I, IV, VII, IX), would you recommend it?

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best i can do is offer my opinion on the other games in the series.

ff1 - 4 white wizards just can't last long enough against chaos
ff2 - what do you mean the end boss uses a blood weapon!
ff3 - job system, hello!
ff4 - got me hooked on the series
ff5 - butz *snicker*
ff6 - great game, not enough depth to the characters
ff7 - last great final fantasy
ff8 - what do you mean my weapons run out?!
ff9 - the main character has a tail.. (nice throwback to the old ffs though)
ff10 - the storyline in this was just plain retarded
ff10-2 - yay a dressup game! and where the hell is lulu dammit >_<
ff11 - boring online rpg

i haven't played far enough into ff12 yet to feel i have a real opinion on it. i thought i was going to hate the battle system, but it turns out its not so bad when you turn up the battle speed to max. you don't end up waiting too long. i can't beleive that these games are still relying on goddamn save points, though. i mean, come on.

i thought i'd hate the gambit system (hey lets turn on the ai we've set and NOT PLAY THE GAME), but i haven't actually unlocked it yet so i don't know. reconfiguring gambits for the players in my team that i'm not using might be a bonus though. nothing's worse than playing with crappy ai that you don't really have any say in.

you get full roaming near the start of the game, and maps are bountiful (and damn near essential).. exploration is important in games like this. i've tricked myself into feeling like i was actually in the world of the game - they did an amazing job on the graphics for the caps of the ps2.

if you're into rpgs, i'd say definitely give it a shot. in fact, why haven't you rented it yet? its not like you're going to lose the savegame, its on your own card. just go rent it and put some hours into it some weekend.

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