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Updates and fun

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  • Amazing Game Project -- Some work here and there, mostly getting the FBOs and VBOs working properly. I'll have to try this out on some older hardware to make sure the fallbacks are in place, and then I can probably start building the rendering framework proper. I took a movie earlier, and
">YouTubed it. Hopefully it's "processed" by the time you read this entry. I'll have to make a promo video of Glow -- iMovie is surprisingly awesome for editing clips of video together and slicing them up with hard rock music.
  • Classwork -- I have a lot of it. Luckily, some of it is related to my game activities. I'll have to start picking my assignments apart and figuring out what parts of them should be rolled back into Propane Injector (first up: vector, matrix, quaternion classes, as well as my raytracer's math, md2 and image functions).
  • Amazing Tiny Side Project -- We'll see if I have the patience for this. I'd rather not get bogged down in too much stuff right now but I'd like to spend some time fiddling with it nonetheless. You'll hear about this more soon, and hopefully not at the expense of the AGP.

  • Link of the Day
    Run Linux on your shiny new PS3 -- with full Blu-ray support. [wow]
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