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Scoring system code looks an awful lot like partic

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The text effect class is now working 100%. I was even that impressed with the results that I created a new improved bitmap font texture and added support for multiple fonts. The scattered random flyin effect looks great... even my step dad who is not very much into games was impressed :)

So, as with all best laid plans, I haven't started work on the scoring system yet. I decided for some reason to look at revamping my particle systems. Probably after watching the Moonpod Insider effects reel and feeling completely outdone! So I've started work on improving my particles. I'm working on transferring the keyframing functionality from my text effects so I can control particle effects via an external text file. I may also look into adding attractors and repulsors, as they do make for some amazing effects :)

The only problem with this is that it has highlighted some slight problems with the organisation of my renderobject class which is used for all renderable objects. I'm now splitting this class into a renderobject class to take care of rendering parameters, transformation, etc and a geometry class to deal with generating the geometry.

I'm working somewhat blind on this at the moment. I haven't rebuilt the project for 3 days because I'm scared of how many errors I'm going to see... although I actually have a feeling it's not going to be that many. The design is in many ways much more intuitive, which has passed onto the coding of the system, it makes sense rather than being a tangled mess of hacks :)

So, anyhoo, I MUST get back to the game coding, so this will definitely be the last thing I do before completing the scoring system. Though I think it will be worth it, some cool particle effects would go down a treat for improving the programmer art, at least if the text effects are anything to go by they will be!

Also, I'm currently looking into a technical support/admin/random jobs job at a games company in Nottingham called Monumental Games. I've had a chat with the CTO of the company, and I'm hopeful, but not banking on getting it. I should hopefully hear back within the next 2 weeks or so. If I did get it though, it would be a dream come true, a step into the doors of the industry and a chance to prove myself. Fingers crossed!

Cheers for reading,

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I live near Nottingham, in Derby. Only game company here is Eurovision and they only hire veteran programmers. Good luck with getting the job and let me know if the have any other positions open, woud be very grateful.

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Mephs, hope it went well!

Nuklear, I'm afraid Monumental is really only looking for experienced programmers at the moment, but keep at it, as they'll probably be recruiting in the future.

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Thanks for the support :)

I spotted you over in the corner actually. Would have popped over to say hello, but unfortunately I was fast running out of lunch break ;) That and I had to improve my performance on the Xbox 360, I started out dismally... I wouldn't want to leave the impression I can't play games!

Anyhoo, I think it went as well as I could have hoped for, and I'm happy to be down to the last two at least, that's an achievement if nothing else.

I look forward to (hopefully!) working with you.

@ Nuklear: Do you mean EuroCom by any chance? As far as I am aware they will take on people with a good enough portfolio regardless of professional experience, at least that's what they say in their job pages, whether they are more picky in real life I don't know.


Thanks for the comments and if you want to find me, I'll be found cringing in a corner somewhere not daring to look at my mail inbox :P


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Yeah they say that then can be a bit picky, particularly if your degree isn't upto scratch, mine was a 2:2 and apparently thats just not enough :) Still if you've got an impressive showreel/demo they might be interested.

There's actually StrawDog in Derby as well. They've been looking for people for a while and do a lot of handheld work.


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