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Ill wife no Sleep

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My wife is ill. So when I got into my bed (after 2 hours of Aikido + ~45 minutes of BF2142) at midnight, she was coughing while sleeping. Everytime I dived into sleep mode, she coughed and woke me up. Finally, at 1:15 am I decided to go downstairs into the living room and to sleep on the sofa.

Since she really woke me up, I think it wasn't before 1:45 am that I slept. And at 6:15 am my kids were standing before the sofa: "Hi Daaddyyyyyy". ARGH... whatever... I had to get up at 6:30 am anyway. But now I am really tired... 4:30 hours of sleep after a hard evening isn't what I would call a good rest.

My son started coughing, too. So today evening we'll visit our doctor and see what we can do about it.

Today I've got my weekly CCNA exam and I didn't have any time to study. I hope that I don't mess it up ;) Afterwards, I'll install the development environment on my new machine and compile some of my projects to see the speed up.

Have fun.

PS: If anyone is playing BF2142, my nick is MetronSM
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