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Believe it or not, I have only been able to find around 4-5 projects here that actuially have videos. Rav, you beat me to it, I didnt get to make the video for you before you jumped the gun and did it for me [grin]. Either way, if you have a video you would like to submit, drop me a PM or reply here so I can get them up there. Other than that YouTube now features the following projects:

- MalakyAI
- Rage Hard
- Space MMO (From Ysaneya)
- Angels 22
- Skirmish Online

You can get to them at This Link

Man im sad. No more MalakyAI for now, since its been put on hold to help production of Malathedra. I was looking forward to that. It seems that all of my favorite projects on here die. First is was Skirmish, then MAI. Life goes on I guess.

As to myself, still no fucking clue what I want to do, but I havent really put any though into it. My life is a cluster-fuck of goodness now. Im proud of the work I do while at my day job, so I dedicate alot of my though code wise towards that. I love my job, and I want to make sure I maintain it. Personal time wise im so busy with the new place/gf/ect.... Time is precious, and im not ready to give it away to gamedev yet.

I love having my own place. I just went out to target and bought picture frames/ candles/ etc... to furnish it with goodies. Its starting to become more home like. We also acquired a LOUD radio for the living room, the neighbors dont enjoy it to much, but whatever [grin].

I will post some screens of the place soon, just unpacked the digital camera :)
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Hey! Thanks for the pluggage for Skirmish on YouTube. [smile] As for Skirmish dieing, well, all good things must come to an end. But Skirmish won't be the last online shooter I write, by any means. :P

A huge congrats to you and your gamedev job. It thrills me that you've found something that you both enjoy and gives you money, and I strive to also reach such a goal. Kudos, friend! [smile]

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I shoved up a few seconds of my latest game on YouTube, and started a group, gamedevdotnet. I also invited you and whatever other GDNetters I encounter to it.

I'd still like to have a video done of Glow, if at all possible. My video recording tool doesn't work for it. I tried doing it with Fraps a few minutes ago, and it doesn't seem to record any video in windowed mode, though I only have the demo version. ANYWAY.

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To tell you the truth it'll probably only be a month or two. I just need to focus on straightening things out for Malathedra. Again, thanks for the movie and I'll let you know when I pick MalykAI back up.

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