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Okay, so I went into GameStop this morning when it opened, and was like "whuz up babe, gimme ff3 plox" and she was like "whut we dun hav ff3 it dun arrive until noon or one lolz" and I was like "shiizzzzz" so I bought a different game.

Then I came back around 2, after they had unpacked today's shipment and asked if FF3 had come in. The lady was like "Whoops, sorry, today may be the release day but it's apparently coming in tommorrow". I was like "..." but then she offered to let me pre-purchase a copy (because they only had 4 coming that hadn't already been reserved) so that made me happy.

Also, how the hell do they get semi-hot chicks to work at GameStop? Seriously.

Here's the game I bought - its fucking awesome -

(Trauma Center: Under the Knife)
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