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We have lost another programmer on the project, so now it's just me doing the code. This is the 3rd programmer that we've lost due to Real Life issues, so it's understandable, but frustrating trying to get this project to completion.

I'm going to open up a slot for a part-time programmer to join the project on a profit-sharing or paid contract basis. The main task left that I'm not already planning on doing myself is doing some CeGUI-related coding for the various interfaces. There are also opportunities for this person to help with 2d & 3d art, as well as level design and layout if they are so inclined.

Good progress over the last day or two. We are adding a display up-top to show enemy health & status, so I got the viewport code respecting that area this afternoon.

Also got the enemies guns aiming in the right direction. The problem was that the walk amd run animations were moving the gun barrel so far off that the laser sights & bolts weren't coming from the muzzle. The aim direciton is actually a function of the player's facing, rather than the actual gun direction, but they need to match to some degree to make it look plausible.

Most enemy animations do include the arms to some degree, even the walk & run, to make it look natural, so we didn't want to completely kill that off in order to get the guns to point in the right direction, so I'm basically forcing the gun attachment bone to point in the right direction after the normal animation is computed. Sort of a simple bit of IK...

Tomorrow is my 37th birthday.

Gratuitous Mayan Screenshot :

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good to see youve updated your journal ive missed following it
bummer about the birthday, 37, man youre older than me not saying how much i am since im at the age where i prefer not to disclose it (which does give an idea)
i hope your motivation holds, i think thats one benifit with age, u tend not to get distracted so easily

to further my wisdom?, with this game whats the biggest mistake youve made so far?

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Happy birthday SimmerD.

@ zedzeek:
i think thats one benifit with age, u tend not to get distracted so easily

In my experience, this is not true :-(
I still go like when I was 16; 20 hours a day in the first week of coding, then something new come to mind to distract me.
For me (I'm 33) it's still hard to get a personal project finished

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Happy birthday!

I had always worried I'd lose my edge around 30 or so. But I can clearly see that's not true.

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You said tomorrow is your birthday yesterday... so that would mean... pi divided by twelve, carry the four and apply to the third triosceles... that means your birthday is today! Happy birthday! =D

BTW, the game's looking great. Any idea when you might be ready for release. I'd gladly beta test. =)

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Happy Birthday Sim - hope you have a good one! [smile]

Best of luck picking another person to help with your project - such a cool project so close to completion it'd be a shame to see any problems.


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Sadness: I'd love to work on your project (and I'm even in the area - Santa Clara/Sunnyvale) but I think my work might see it as a conflict of interest :(

Happiness: birthdays should always be fun - hope you had a good one :)

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It's a bit late, but Happy Birthday!

Unfortunately I don't comment on your journal often, but I enjoy watching the progress of your game.

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