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Amazing Game Project

I got skyboxes working. Unfortunately there are weird seams that neither Phantom nor I can figure out (1:100 near:far ratio, CLAMP_TO_EDGE enabled... strange).

Expect more in-character skyboxes soon.

Tiny Game Project

I dunno right now. We'll see what happens after this upcoming weekend is over.


I've been working on testing the Morning's Wrath port for Mac, and trying to port String Theory and HopeDagger's bacterial game to Mac as well.

Second Life

Okay, GDNet needs one of these.

First Life

Lots of homework. I hate Prolog.
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Give me a poke later on MSN if you don't figure out the skybox issue. I don't claim to be more proficient than Phantom at OpenGL, but putting more heads together often helps. :)

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