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Sick, ill, whatever...

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Well, well, well... I told you that my wife was coughing and that I spent a night on the sofa. Yesterday was her turn :) So she slept on the sofa last night. And I couldn't sleep because I got a bad angina.

I started to play around with my engine on the new machine and since I switched to visual studio 2005 and my old one was 2002 (or something like that), I had to correct some flaws the old compiler let pass. I also use the safe crt functions now, which all have a supplementary parameter (the buffer size) in the printf functions.

Took about 3 hours to port and bugfix everything. But finally everything went just fine. I still have some tests to do but I couldn't find any "non working areas" yet.

Since my new machine is has multicore cpu, I decided that I rework my engine stuff to take advantage of that. I'll dig into OpenMP since it looks quite promising from what I have seen (also VS2005 directly supports OpenMP). I receive the intel developer mails so I get quite some interesting information from that side about multi core programming. An interesting link on that matter might be the "Multi-Core Developer Community" by Intel.

I also decided to give my render kernel a strong rework and port it to a programmable pipeline only. Right now, it supports the fixed and the programmed pipeline with a strong focus on the fixed pipe since all my old cards weren't able to do any decent vertex- or pixelshader stuff. I suppose that switching to a pipeline entirely dedicated to the programmable shaders means that I have to do the renderer from scratch (or most of it).

Have fun
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