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Gurt in SVN repository

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Oh hell, I had a nice long post made about the project status, and a server error killed it. Here we go again.

Public Project Repository.

You can pull it down if you want, but I'm not taking contributions yet.


  • sound system: multiple clips of the same sound can now be played. This is a major improvement in the quality of the sound system.

  • physics system: it looks reasonable now. It still has a few bugs, but for now it's serviceable


  • more documentation: I was bad, I haven't been commenting things like I should. I wanted to get the physics system fixed before I went back through and took care of it. Well, now I can

  • more unit testing: again, bad sean, bad. This is the primary reason why I was able to get the physics system working properly, so I want to go back through and get everything tested properly just to make sure nothing crops up in the future.

  • physics server: first step to making the game multiplayer will be to get the solar system simulation running on a server instead of in the game clinet itself. It will require me to undo some optimization work that I've done.

  • content system: I have no content system right now. All objects are hardcoded right now. Dirty, dirty, dirty.

That's it for now. I'm suprised with how much work I've gotten done on this project. In the next couple of weeks I expect it to drop dramatically, because I will be moving out to Illinois. More documentation and unit testing will help to keep me on track when I find time to work on the project again.
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