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Simplifying the Blumenmacht input.

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I was able to reduce the keyboard input in Blumenmacht to the cursor keys. Besides entering the ballerinas names of course. The mouse input is also much less complicated now.

If you want to make ballerinas happy you need only the cursor keys to direct your ballerina and the mouse move the cat. Shooting flowers is now automatized: Your dancing girl starts to shoot flowers by herself if you place the cat on another ballerina. As the cat now only has a single mode it always moves with the target you put it on and the flowers always follow the cat.
Taking control of (enlightening) another ballerina is now very easy: If the cat is on a ballerina and you left click, the menu where you have to type in the name of your future dancer opens. If you click the left mouse button again, the menu closes and you return to the game. You can still catch and move every object with the cat while the left mouse key is pressed. (This is very similiar to the way you use the left mouse button in Windows.)
Because the right mousebutton is not used for shooting flowers anymore I can use it for stopping time now. If you click the right mouse button, time gets frozen. If you click it again, the game returns to the normal game speed.
Because I never used the rewind time feature while playing, I eliminated it. Therefore you can stop time at any time now. You also can't throw objects anymore.

Only these keys are left now:

Cursor keys: Move the ballerina.

Move the mouse: Move the cat.
Click left mouse key: Take control of another ballerina.
Hold left mouse key: Move an object.
Click right mouse button: Freeze time.

Stopping time still costs your ballerina a talent. And you still can only take control of a ballerina with at least one heart. While playtesting I found out that I can't omit that.
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