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I actually have a story to post today!

I supposedly have a profile on an online dating site, except that my profile doesn't contain anything sensible in it. It used to be entirely written in Morse code, but now it has been replaced with other equally useless information, such as made-up words, pirate sounds, and sentences written backwards.

So yesterday some chick who is almost exact opposite of me e-mails me saying
your a crazy bitch
to which I respond
You spelled "you're" wrong. Thanks.

Surprisingly, she responded today. Now any Internet whores would have got annoyed at that correction and ignored/blocked me, but she sends back
haha people are always yelling at me for that one. my fingers get lazy on this key board and your welcome
to which I again respond
You spelled "you're" wrong again.

I wonder how long I can keep this up before she gets annoyed.

Update: She wrote back now:
hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaa omg that is too good. well YOU ARE WELCOME? hows that any better?
There are a few things I can correct in that, I think I should continue with this.
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He probably thinks no one over 15 is obsessed with pirates, and is trying to groom you.

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