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Wibbly demo ready early.

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Torque Game Builder is proving a little easier than I'd expected (so far anyway), so I've got a playable version of Mr Wibbly ready. Unfortunately I only have a Windows version (building the Mac version keeps dying for some reason), which you can download from here (.zip, 1.65Mb). It is still missing the main menu/high-score entry states, but the gameplay is up and running.

There's also a new gameplay movie with titles (I really shouldn't be allowed to use Windows Movie Maker) which you can download from here (.wmv, .zip, 4.4Mb).

How to play:
* Use the left/right cursor keys to run to the left/right respectively.
* Press "a" to toggle audio on/off.
* Press "Escape" to quit the game.
- The switches are toggled from "up" to "down".
- Each time you flick a switch you get 1,000 points.
- Every 10,000 points you get an extra life.
- Every 15,000 points a new UFO appears.
- Every 50,000 points the shields regenerate.

I've been trying to make the game harder, but it should be playable. Any comments/suggestions/criticisms are welcome.
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