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Coke & Coffee

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Tried putting a shot of espresso into my Coke today, with a big mess and some amusing results. The taste wasn't too bad, and I can imagine that the caffine hit would be rather good too. It looks as though the bubbles in the coke didn't like staying in there after I put the shot in, and as a result tried to bail over the edge of the glass.

The resulting drink looked somewhat like a badly pulled Guinness, with a head all the way to the bottom that would not go away. My second attempt was slightly more successful, with only half the cup worth of head, and a dark redish black liquid at the bottom. The liquid it's self had lost any hint of bubbles, and tasted like.. um.. coke and coffee.

Anyhoo, while googling for a reason for this madness, I found out that the coca-cola company was/will be trialing a similar drink.

fyi: No, I don't have too much time on my hands, just wanted more bang for my buck so to speak.
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