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No screenshot!

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Well, I don't have a new screenshot yet, but I'm working on it.

A thought occured to me about the space pirates that I thought would be an interesting game concept, but I probably won't implement it. In reality, if a person were to march with a musket rifle, they would march with the front pointed upwards, until they stopped to shoot. Now, if the front is upward, so is the bayonet.

Basically, I was thinking that I would have the pirates march with the bayonet upward until they stop to shoot. This way, Blocky Man can only attack them when they stop to shoot, because he obviously can't jump on them when they are pointing the bayonet straight up.

I thought this was an interesting idea, and I wanted to share it here.

Also, another enemy that will appear in this level is a cannon that fires...well...cannonballs.

My idea for this level was basically that you get on this advanced pirate space cruiser, but once you get inside, the pirates fight as if they are in the 18th century. Also, you can expect cannons that you can jump into and control in order to shoot yourself out of the cannon.

Hopefully I can have some screenshots tomorrow.
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Hey, you dont use time based animation do you? If not, I really think you should. I tried running blocky man on my new computer (old but new to me) and I couldnt even play it. All of my games used to do this to me, until I started using time based animation then it worked fine.

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Just played BlockyMan for the first time and I just wanted to say how much I liked it. I think the bayonet and cannon ideas are cool as well. I'll be keeping a closer eye on this project in the future.

Keep it up.

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ShoeStringGames: Yeah, my current timer code...well...sucks(*cough*SDL_delay*cough*). I recently experimented with timers in order to make the speed run timer, so this weekend I'll try building a game frame timer.

EasilyConfused: Thanks! I'm going to be working on the space pirate enemies this weekend, so hopefully I'll get some good screenshots to post.

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