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Malathedra : Quill

Still working on the plane system for Quill (I've got until Sat. at 10am which should be plenty of time even with work tomorrow.) I got the most of it done over the last 3 hours; everything except for rendering, user transformations (moving and rotating), and saving/loading works, but I'm going to finish those tomorrow, for now I'm going to bed (well, after I finish this entry [razz].)


Still working on the site; getting there little by little. One big jump was switching over to the godaddy.com linux servers; seems they're anti-microsoft people. All of their goodies are for the linux servers, there are better features on their linux servers, and they just dropped PHP support on their Windows servers (well, technically they didn't drop support for it completely, it's just in a state where it's broken and they don't plan on fixing it.)

So, needless to say a few hours after switching to the linux server I was finally able to get my gallery system up and running (using the same code that didn't work on the Windows servers even when they supported PHP.) Anyway, here are a couple generated galleries (please let me know if you see any problems other than the crappy layout.) Once on the gallery page you can click the image to see the full-size image and from there you can navigate prev/next/back to gallery.

I'll do away with this PHP system and come up with a MySQL system sooner or later, I'm just too busy at the moment to worry about it.

The other thing that I'm loving about switching to the linux server is that my FTP apps detected my hosting directory as part of the URL, causing me a lot of pain (some of which you saw, since I kept forgetting to remove '/Programmer16' from the URL.) Anyway, that's gone now and I'm mucho happy.

Anyway, the bed calls. Something good is coming, so keep on your guard or you may miss it!
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