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Membrane Massacre :: Preamble

First of all, sorry about the delay! I had a few bugs to fix up, not to mention heaps of schoolwork that have been preventing me from my gamedev activities. I had initially planned to release my MM post-mortem alongside this Journal-Calibre release, but once again, free time has been rather low, so it'll have to wait. But rest assured, it'll materialize here when it's done. :)


Membrane Massacre :: Download!

After countless hours of hard work, playtesting, and schoolwork-shirking, I present Membrane Massacre. This game was the product of me and a friend agreeing to a 'contest' between us to both finish a game in ~14 days time (originally 8, but extended because we both got overambitious :P). There isn't really a winner or loser to this contest, but rather just an excuse for each of us to get a new game completed. And with this, I'm very happy to present:

Download Membrane Massacre (~2.9mb) (Windows)

Feedback is genuinely appreciated, and much anticipated. This in-journal release is more of a private-release to catch any bugs or balance issues that still exist, before I put it up on the Showcase, and a few other websites. So input at this stage is critical, I guess is the key idea. :)

Expect a OS/X release soon, courtesy of Ravuya!
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Recommended Comments

Wow, I think you have a winner on your hands there, very fun, although I did find a couple little things that threw me off:

1. Randomly said I won the game - It seemed like randomly the game went to the "Congratulations!!" screen, and I couldn't figure out how I had won. Maybe I'm stupid, but I wanted to take on the huge bacteria, and I kept "winning" before I got to him.

2. The controls were good until you try and strafe while pointing down, and the arrow keys are backwards. I don't know of a way to fix this, but the direction dependent arrow key movement seemed a little too disorienting. Maybe have the camera swivel with the ship, but I'm not sure....

3. Collision Detection was good, until I tried to shoot my way through the membrane with the machine guns, and I kept getting stuck on tiny one pixel fragments. Again, I don't know how you could fix this one either, but I had to restart more than once when I got stuck.

Now that I'm done with the nitpicking, heres the good stuff:

1. Awesome weapons! The laser was especially cool when you started cutting down swathes of cells while strafing by. The freeze bomb was also especially cool[grin]

2. Cool random levels - I think that speaks for itself.

3. Neat cell "bouncy" physics, it looks really good when you start pelting the bacteria with machine gun rounds and it gets all jiggly[wink]

It's a really great game, I hope you can get some of those bugs ironed out, and I'll probably be playing a bunch more, but for now its back to the Calculus[crying]

Metaphoric rate++!!!!

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This game is really fun! The only suggestion that I have is to maybe change the color of the cloning enemies to a darker version of themselves when they're about to split. Maybe even a little blip of light on the mini-map so that the player knows where most of the devouring is taking place just to add to the pressure.

How about Evolution? If an enemie eats enough body then it should be able to evolve to the next more advanced type after some time.

It would also be nice if you could make more serious enemies have a larger blip on the radar as well.

Wow. I'm so impressed with this game that it makes me want to scale back my project to try something as small and fun like this. Nice work [smile]

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Hey Hopedagger. Sorry I've not been watching your journal recently. Lots on in the real world. Goddamn the real world.

I'm at work at the moment so I can't download your game at the moment but just wanted to say congrats for getting it finished so quickly. That is one hell of a timescale for someone with such a clearly active life outside of dev.

I just saw your comment about the fireworks on your previous journal. I'm deeply honoured to have offered some small inspiration.

PS: My PayPal account is... [grin]

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This game is awesome, even better than it looked, and it looked really good [smile]

I agree with what some of the others said, the big blob should have a larger radar presence, collision detection can be a bit iffy ( but its still pretty good mos of the time ).

The guns are great fun.

Very nice!

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I'll download it as soon as I get Windows activated on my machine again [smile].
I've been having some schoolwork so I haven't had the time. Anyways, congratulations to you for finishing a game like that in less than 3 weeks, you're really awesome!

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Wow, that game is awesome. The final boss killed me like 8 or 9 times lol.

The only issues I noticed were the pixel issue Sapo mentioned and that the laser didn't show up all the time for me (although it worked right.)

Btw, please switch file formats. BMP is just plain sucky [sad]. BMP images total 4.25mb whereas PNG images total 1.41mb. Tga is probably in the same neighborhood.

Congrats on getting it finished so quickly and doing such a great job!

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Few things:
-I had the same problem with the laser not appearing, but it still worked.
-For the getting stuck on one pixel, maybe bumping into a wall should hurt it a tiny bit? That would fix it, right?

The most annoying bug I ran into was on the final boss. When it froze me, I died, and I never unfroze. Even after dieing several times, I would always remain frozen and be forced to wait for the boss to come and kill me again. I was going to see if being frozen and then waiting to naturally unfreeze before dieing would fix it, but it wouldn't stop using freeze bombs and I gave up :'(

Of course, crazy hard bosses like that are fun! Great game!

I loved how you could use the laser to cut through the membrane and attack enemies on the other side :D

My favorite enemies would have to be the red cells that charge at you in a group. Reminds me of zombies ^_^

Loved the backgrounds, foregrounds, and cells :D

Although, I agree the strafe commands were a bit confusing :(

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