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Farewell, Nova.

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Sadly, we had to put one of our dogs, Nova, to sleep this morning. My wife picked her up from a shelter about two years ago. She was an old dog, and the shelter was pretty awful. They tried to convince us that Nova was a golden retriever, german shepard mix. There might have been some shepard in there, but no way was she a golden. It could have been a ploy to get someone to take her, but given that they'd missed the fact she had a broken leg I'm more inclined to blame their incompetence. That and the fact that Nova had a blue tongue. A blue fucking tongue should be pretty hard to miss! But of course there was no mention that she could be part Chow...

We have no idea what Nova's life was like before the shelter. I don't think it was much fun for her though. We reckon she lived with a old person. She was a pretty quiet and docile dog. Sadly, she has absolutely no sense of play. By that, I mean when our other dogs were playing, she'd want to join in, you could see it, but she just didn't seem to know how; She knew she was supposed to do something with the ball, but she wasn't quite sure what. When we first got her, she only walked on the footpath. Walking on grass was bad. So we took her for walks in the mountains every now and then. She loved it. For a brief moment, you could see a puppy trying to break out.

In the end, her old body failed her and I think she may have suffer a stroke too. Life was just too painful.

We'll miss you, Nova.

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Always hard losing a good dog like that. When I was in high school we lost our Collie, Rafferty, to a kidney failure. He was a great dog, we could just let him out and he would run around the neighborhood or just hang out in the yard - everyone knew him and he never messed up anyone elses lawn with his crap or anything like that. It's nice that you were able to give Nova some good times before the end

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