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The One Golem

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This is a test render of the head of a character I started working on some time back, then quit working on when I started re-evaluating my goals. Now, he's back.

In the world of Golem, the One Golem is a sort of Messianic figure, a savior for the golems, which makes him a being of terrible power and destruction for the last surviving humans and those few golems who support them, an anti-Messiah of brutal authority and strength. I don't really know if this fellow is up to the task, which is what he started out to be. He just doesn't look mean enough. A shade on the dopey side, even. I reckon I'll have to consign him to the depths of middle-management in the ranks beneath the One Golem autocrat. Most likely, he will die early in the game.

I'm still struggling to learn the ins and outs of texture art creation. For things such as landscape and map graphics, I can cheat and get by, but character skinning sometimes requires actual artistic ability. :)
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the One Golem is a sort of Messianic figure
That phrase instantly makes me think of The Matrix and Jesus... Are you desiging a sci-fi bible story?

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Heh heh. No, not really.

I only call him the One Golem because I haven't thought of a suitable name yet, not because there is any implied connection to Neo. The One Golem broke his magical bonds of slavery first, and roused other golems to a brief, bloody revolt that nearly exterminated all mankind. The final goal of the Golem games is to eventually destroy this One Golem, and free the small handful of human slaves he keeps for breeding/experimental purposes, and restore the world to balance.

The pretext is that in the absence of humans, strange things have begun to happen on the earth that threaten the existence of the golems. Ancestral demons, once thought to be simply creations of human imagination, have begun to multiply in the land, and golem scholars argue over why. Many claim that it is because men are no longer around to provide a balance against these dark beings. Other occurrences indicate that somehow, mankind is key to the very fabric of existence on earth, and that the web of magical power upon which the continued existence of the golems is founded is beginning to unravel.

The One Golem doesn't believe the scholars, and blindly hangs on to his desperate hatred and terror of humans. He and all his followers continue to hunt down and exterminate the final pockets of resistance in the various mountain hideaways, and continue to visit unthinkable cruelties upon those poor unfortunates who have been captured rather than slain out of hand. When it becomes obvious that this genocidal attitude will be the undoing of the golems and render the Earth a cold, lifeless chunk of rock, a small coalition of human sympathizers begins to act to remove the mighty One Golem from power.

Bleh. The details of the story change almost as frequently as I change engines, but this is the gist of how things stand so far. If there is any kind of Biblical connection, perhaps it is that the One Golem is a sort of Anti-Christ, and must be brought down by right-thinking folks. Even that is not wholly accurate, as the One Golem was initially motivated by compassion for his fellow golems languishing under the bonds of slavery, and being a very young golem with far too much power and far too little wisdom, acted in response to that feeling of compassion in a very over-reactionary way. In the beginning, he meant well. He just took it too far.

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