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Back to our work....

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I have not been very gdnety these last weeks. Well, to be more exact, I have not been very active in the forums.

I had some good reasons - first, I set up a technical blog which is external to gdnet (and is written in French, and targets French engineers that don't want to read English blogs). The second reason is totally gdnet related : I had to catch up with my new gdnet responsabilities.

You probably notices a good amount of news that came from me. The reason is that I became a News Editor - I effectively have the power to post news, and to approve news that you post (expect me to send you a PM or a mail if I don't approve your news for whatever reason; this also mean that while I'm not greenefied, I'm a GDNet Staff member as well (a lesser one [smile])). So far, thanks to the cooperation of the staff and mods here (and in particular Rob and Sean), it goes quite well (IMHO). I no longer ask myself "Should I approve this news?" (which is a great improvement upon the first day: I really felt the "fear to approve something that should not be approved").

The good news (ah ah) for you is that now, news can be approved twice a day - since I'm in Europe, and most other news editors are in the US. It also means that now we begin to have quite a powerfull news team (well, it was already quite powerfull before I joined; not sure I'm adding anything in fact) so we should be able to find more news for you (on the overall, there has been a real improvement since last year, and it's even more obvious if you compare the news rate now and the news rate 2 years ago).

So... stay tuned, pals, and see you soon on the front page!
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Congrats on becoming a news editor!

Looking at your blog i'm pleasantly surprised that I can still somewhat read French. I learned it when I was really young, but considering that it was in Tunisia and Canada i'd bet that if I tried speaking in it you would want to cover your ears. [wink]

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You deserve a Staff tag. Sorry it hasn't been done yet - I'll knock some heads this weekend and get that handled for you.

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Obligatory congrats.

I'd be interested in a link you your blog, if it isn't in your signature. I don't read french but I was reading one of your blogs a few months ago and the internet did a pretty good job of translating it.

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