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stuff and...um...more stuff

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Tons of little things today.

First off, the cool thing is still in the works.

So, I attempted to change the theme of my journal, and all in all it's 'ok'. I'll continue to play around and see if I find anything I like, other wise I'll just switch back the the dark theme.

I also modified the .premium user to promote GDNet+ a little more ala large blinking exclamation points (not visible to firefox users because IE is lame and doesn't support the :before and :after attributes -_- .)

Hm, the whole thing seems a little borked in IE. Oh well.

Got the editor done and in on time today, although I've been tweaking and fixing giant holes all day long. Turned out fairly well. Once Raymond's done adding planes to the old levels I'll show a screeny of the editor in action.

Got dft's SVN setup and such, so I can now seamlessly go from desktop to laptop and back without having to do all kinds of copying and such. I'm working on "the cool thing" in what little spare time I have at the moment, so about an hour or two a day. Screenshots on Monday.

I've fallen victim to Harvest Moon DS and am currently MAJORLY addicted to it.

My gallery system is borked.
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harvest moon 64 was a great game, how does the DS version compare?

your journal has way too many lines

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Original post by ildave1
Currently Addicted To Final Fantasy III for the DS. I feel your pain.


lol, that's the next one on my list.

Original post by Ceoddyn
harvest moon 64 was a great game, how does the DS version compare?

your journal has way too many lines

It's better than smashing everything into a single paragraph or a couple of paragraphs, don't you think?

I never actually played the 64 version, but from what I've read it seems pretty similar.

Original post by ArchWizard
I'm addicted to complaining. Also: Space Cowboy Online STILL. I tried getting addicted to Fable, but that went badly.

Complaining is good; as you can tell from my journal I love complaining.

Either SCO is a damn good game or injects cocaine into your system some way. You've been playing that game forever.

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Yea I just recently got Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for the 360 and FF3 for the DS. Im in a world of hurt right now, I dont have time for all of this stuff :)

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