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Well hello there...

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Introduction the 2nd.

I hope my disjointed way of writing doesn't annoy you too much, I tend to just put my thought processes straight into words, without any intermediate processing, making it a bit difficult to follow....

The basic run down:

20 year old IT student, some experience with C++ & java, have messed around with ASM a little but nothing ever came of it really.

Other interests apart from games are live electronic music & electronic music production in general. (pieces of audio hardware being the coolest gadgets on earth! Apart from the almighty computer of course. . which can be programmed to do ANYTHING)

At the moment in terms of gaming I'm loving my DS. . reminds me I have to go get children of mana, Secret of Mana was the first console game & RPG I ever played, I fell in love with it!

Hoping to start off my game development foray with some DS homebrew apps. - also do some other live-music related programs for it (midi sequencer tailored for live performance, etc).

Anyone else here developing for DS? (or other handheld platforms. . would be interested to hear about unique problems/styles/solutions that develop for these limited systems)

Anyhow, I've got an exam tomorrow for fundamentals of info. systems that I'm really not looking forward to.. It's so vague - our teacher expects us to choose the 'right' answer when technically every option (in a multiple question choice) can be argued to be correct - go figure :(

Wish me luck!
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Welcome to Journal Land! (++)

DS game development sounds like an interesting realm to journey into; I'm sure it'll be a blast to read about you and your exploits. [smile]

Good luck on your exam!

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Welcome to Journal Land! (++)

I've considered doing some homebrew DS development, but decided I'm having too much fun playing the games ;) Right now I'm playing Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center, and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

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