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Raytracers are the shiz-bomb.

So yeah, not a lot of progress, still just spheres, lights, and reflection. But you can make some cool images that way.

Speed is still slow, this image (1600x1200) took ~58 seconds.

Later on I hope to get some sort of anti-aliasing in place, I think that would make it look a lot nicer. Next though I'm going to implement transparency (and refraction, of course), and triangles. This, with some modification to the file loader, should get it to the point I had my C++ version at as far as it's visual capabilities go. The C++ one also had bounding sphere support, but I'll worry about that later.
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Hey in terms of speed I was wondering if you had looked into algorithms for better bounding spheres. It seems with all the AI we've taken there would be somthing in there. Anyway Raytracer looks sweet, run any of the images through Walter yet?

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