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Curvacious Goodies

No, my game is not going to be pornographic. I've been pondering some technical hurdles with my new tesselation scheme that came to mind over the weekend. I realised that to have decent Catmull-ROM patches you need 16 control points to generate the patch (for a quad patch). As there'll be both quads and tris in my meshes, I certainly can't guarantee that there'll be 16 available. Only 12 (again, for quads). A bit of googling today came up with Coons patches. Basically it means I can get a quad patch that should still look decent, even with only 12 control points (or 9 for a triangle). Yay! [grin]

Approaching D-Day(s)

Haven't been doing much programming over the last several weeks. As I've noted before, that's caused by more volleyball and my Diablo 2 habbit/addiction. Well, I had my last AVL volleyball game for the year on Saturday (we lost, unfortunately). That leaves only the annual Canberra tournament this weekend and suddenly my Tuesday nights, Thursday nights and weekends are wide open! Also, I powered through act 3 of Diablo 2 hell-difficulty and am now tackling act 4. Its getting pretty bloody hard as the areas are crawling with uniques with immunities/curses/lightning enchanted/etc. I have to keep a close watch on my hireling/count of revives/skeletons or else I risk being over-run and have to fetch my corpse from some stinking hole! Also the level-ups are coming much slower (although this is partly due to me actually dying sometimes now). Top of the shopping list is two more runes that I need for the "Bramble" runeword that'd double my poison damage. Other than that, anything from the Traang Oul's set would be awesome. All in all, I'm somewhat on-track to be free of Diablo around the same time I'm free of volleyball.
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