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Hello, my PC crashed again.

Well technically it didn't really crash. I had this windows activation thing going on, and since I cannot log on to Windows without it being activated and I can't connect to the internet before I have logged into Windows(activation requires the internet), I tried reinstalling Windows XP on top of the current one.

But after deleting all files nescesary for a new installation, it crashed and a Hard Disk Read Error was thrown in my face!

So we're sending it to support, since this is the third thing that goes wrong with this machine. First it was an SLI chip fan which isn't fixed because a shopkeeper scammed us(the fan is lying loose, that is) , second it was the hal.dll incident and now it is this. So I'll have it back in something like a week or two.


*Oxford UNI study shows that even though the middle letters are shuffled, a word can still be readable if the first and last letters are in place.
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