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NPC scripts

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No time for a real entry, here's an npc script in its current stage.


"droplist.itl" />
"model.mesh" material="material/material/mat" gender="male" canWearArmor="true">

"head" items="armor_head_leather_cap, armor_head_none" />
"chest" items="armor_chest_studded_leather, armor_chest_heavy_leather" />
"legs" items="armor_legs_plated_leather_shin_guards" />
"feet" items="armor_feet_hard_leather_boots" />
"arms" items="armor_arms_leather_arms" />
"hands" items="armor_hands_gurlichts_studded_manglers" />
"leftring" items="trinket_ring_none" />
"rightring" items="trinket_ring_none" />
"neck" items="trinket_neck_none" />
"projectileweapon" items="weapon_projectile_heavy_war_crossbow" />
"meleeweapon" items="weapon_melee_axe_of_the_magic_circlet" />
"shield" items="armor_shield_none" />

Gurlicht the Mangler
Western Independent Briggade
Faction Dependant

"onDeath" file="gurlichtDeath.ogg" />

and here's a screenshot of right now, npc's not implemented yet:
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I like the way that you have your npc scripts set up. Have you ever considered a hierarchal design for your npcs? Like using your example you would have another script that controls the armor another for the stats so that you could repeat that information for all npcs that are just like it?

Although thinking about it now, it might be too much trouble. [smile]

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Original post by Mayan Obsidian
Although thinking about it now, it might be too much trouble. [smile]

It might just be =P

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