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Progress has been slow lately. With a major milestone approaching we're in crunch mode at work, which leaves little time (or energy) for working on my own projects. Nonetheless, I've made a little progress. I did some work on my bug tracker. It's more like a TODO list than anything, but useful now that I'm going back to "where's my bone?"

The main task at the moment is modifying the serialization of the maps so that it is consistent with the maps created by the map builder. Mostly it involves getting rid of some hard-coded nastiness. It should also make the system a little more flexible... who knows?! It might even become a useful little game engine ;-)))

On the artistic front, it'd be nice to hook up with someone who's interested in helping out with all facets of 2D art stuff. At the moment, I need help with the UI, textures, and animations. Let me know if you're interested in teaming up.
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Well, I don't consider myself much cop at 2D pixel-work but you've seen my efforts in my journal and the showcase so don't hesitate to let me know if you think my meagre pixel skills could be of any use to you.

For example, check out the high-def virtually real snow effect on my avatar at the moment. I'm amazed that Spielberg hasn't contacted me yet.

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Hey, that'd be awesome! I really like your sprites and it'd be nice to be working with someone.

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