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Well, today will have to go down in history as either a) the day I almost worked in the games industry or b) the day I pi$$ed the games industry off (ouch!).

I had been offered the job, but the salary was a little below my expectation. I pushed for a slight increase but failed to get it, so I compromised and accepted the offer. I then took some time to think about it as I knew I was not really happy with a wage cut and loss of benefits such as pension, free Microsoft Certified Professional training and more dependable stability. I decided in the end that I could only compromise if they matched or bettered my salary which unfortunately they could not accomodate. So in short, they withdrew the offer.

I don't bear any grudges against them, after all it is a different role and the experience is quite valuable and the opportunity very rare, however I cannot lower my standards. If I do not command respect over my salary and future at this point in time, then how can I command the respect when it came to future progression and pay review?

So I'll have to simply stick with knowing that I was the first choice for the job. I'm as much at peace with that as I can be. I'll be kicking myself for some time to come but I know it was the right choice. I left it to fate and fate seems to have said that it is not my time... yet.

Hopefully I've not annoyed anyone beyond a future chance in the industry. Hopefuly my time will come. Until then, back to the portfolio, which I'm now determined more than ever to make kick-ass ;)


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