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Screenshots galore

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I downloaded a collection of homebrew releases from SMS Power! for testing. Here are the obligatory screenshots.

Sega Master System

Copyright Violation is displayed incorrectly - the text should be on top of the stars, but that VDP feature is as yet unsupported.

Sega Game Gear

Yes, Windows and DOOM were ported to the Game Gear. That second screenshot is DOOM's automap. [wink]

There are still lots of ROMs that won't go - that could be due to poor VDP emulation, or it could be due to ROM paging errors (the emulated memory is just straight 64KB RAM), or could be down to the remaining bugs in the Z80 emulation.
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Hm, just noticed that in-gameto r in that first Chip-8 screenshot is wrong. That's what it's meant to look like. I fixed a scrolling bug after taking those screenshots that might have remedied it, but I think there's a bug in the way I handle address register changes (or latching) with the VDP. A lot of programs display scrambled junk.

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Does Doom actually run? I would imagine there are quite a few hardware tricks going on.

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Original post by Scet
Does Doom actually run? I would imagine there are quite a few hardware tricks going on.
WinGG is a demo program with some small applets in it, one of which displays a static picture from DOOM. [smile]

The Master System and Game Gear ran at ~3.3MHz and had 8KB RAM. The graphics was tile-based (no real raster graphics mode) so a DOOM game would be almost impossible.

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Doom has been ported to some really crappy systems, though usually with a lot of content removed. And I've seen some crazy stuff done with tile based graphics using the HBlank interrupt and rotation/scaling, although I don't think the SMS/Game Gear has that.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Look at the Game Gear port of Face Ball 2000 for about the most you can expect from a Doom clone:


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