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Class Assigment number 2

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My next assigment is to think of a way to make a logfile that keeps track of what my game engine is doing. I was thinking of making up the game engine in threads, basically that each class will run in its own thread, but I am not entirely sure if that is a good idea. The Game engine I need to finish in the end has the following requirements:

1.need to be able to open multiple 3D windows
(basically run a few instances of the game)
2. The Renderer needs to be able to run OpenGL and DirectX.
( I am focusing on DirectX)

The logfile needs to keep track of where errors occur, a friend of mine told me to make threads so that the logfile reads the threads that are going to the CPU this means that it would be running only once and reading each thread thats being passed on. I do not know if that is a good idea honestly, but any adivse would be helpfull. IF i am going to have to make threads to make the logfile able to read errors without writing a lot of code, it would be great ofcourse. But if there is another easy way to catch errors in my code without making an IF and Else statement for everywhere there can be an error then yeah no thanks ;)

I already found some sources about Multithreading but I think that might be a little bit too difficult for a beginning programmer :) seeing how much my linked list seemed to leak memory ;)

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