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While designing this out, I came to the conclusion "if its not broken, dont fix it." I decided to reuse the map system from my previous projects since it already worked and has an editor for it. It would have taken me a long time to redue it and its just more efficient to use something that alreay works. Fortunatly it was a seemlessly simple task to do. I also created my Entity system which would explain the tree on the bottom. Next comes sprites :)
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Semi-unrelated: You said on an earlier post that you were switching from XNA to SDL. Are you referring to SDL.NET, or do you mean that you've gone to C++-land as well? I only ask because I really want to see more games developed with C#. ;)

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Ive ventured back to c++. If I wanted to put more time into this, it would have been XNA, but seeing as I want to get this done while on vacation, its just easier for me to do it in c++

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