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Still here...

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Thought I'd drop by my journal and at least provide some evidence I'm still alive 'n kicking [smile]

I've been crazily busy at work lately which has left me with precious little time for, well, anything [sad]

I feel like I've spent my entire life messing around with Relief Mapping, but I'm still not happy with my implementation. I've got the theory sound but my implementation has a few odd quality issues that I don't fully understand yet [sad]. I specifically avoided copy-n-paste programming and wanted to write it myself.

Due to my limited time I can only get the odd hour in here and there which makes for rather disjoint progress on the debugging. I can't help but feel that I need to block out a solid day to just blitz this thing and sort it all out in one go without interruptions...

Anyway, I'm going to go stress-out somewhere else now [smile]
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