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Done and done.

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Well now, Membrane Massacre is finally what I consider as done. This means it's now up on the Showcase, has its Announcements thread, and a pending IotD (thanks to Ravuya). I've also tossed it up on a few other websites. There's a few new items in this newly-uploaded version, including gradient HUD-bars and cell->cell collisions, which prevent the nasty 'clumping syndrome' many of you experienced. Worth another look if you're in the mood. And of course, if you're feeling generous, you can reply to any of the above areas to express your feedback publically to 'bump' my threads. ;)

It feels awesome to finally have a nice fresh image up above on the Recent Projects area!


Off to my next project, of course! I've got a few ideas swirling around in my noggin', but nothing definite. I will, as usual, blab about it when something concrete gets developed. Since I've saturated myself in the shoot-shit-up genre pretty thoroughly, perhaps I'll opt for something a little less violent. (Or perhaps not. Blowing stuff up is pretty darn fun..)
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IMHO I think it would be cool if you strayed a little out of the shoot-shit-up style. Expand your horizons man... its a good idea :)

EDIT: also, what are the other sites you posted on?

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As I said before: CONGRATULATIONS! The game looks awesome, unfortunately I haven't been able to play it becuase my PC crashed again. But I'll try it when I get it back up or I'll try the MAC OS X version when it gets up [smile].

Regarding your next project. Maybe you can make some kind of 2D RTS or even 3D? [smile] You certainly got the skills!

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I second that. I reckon you should go for something 3d. Just to expand the ol' horizons.

Of course, if you have no game ideas, no ideas in 3d is no better than no ideas is 2d! (trying not to betray myself here)

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Still awesome :D

Heh, when I beat it, a purple cell came up and killed me xD

If you ever decide to add something to it again, you might want to consider some sort of survival or time mode with highscores. That should add a bit to the replayability.

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