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I have to...er...fix the level editor

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Why, why is it always the things that seem the most simple that cause the most problems?

I thought today that I had gotten the bomb platforms working for sure. I had found out yesterday that they weren't working because my player code was performing the action on Blocky Man's current tile rather than the one he is standing on(now that I think of it, that makes sense). So, I changed the code so he would perform the action on the tile that he is standing on. Yay, it works.

Or so I thought.

I went to replay Blocky World to make sure I hadn't broken anything on the earlier levels. Turns out I had. As I was running through the level, I jumped on a spring board and...nothing happened. Turns out my little trick to get the Bomb platforms working had broken the spring boards. So, I scrapped that idea and went back to the drawing board.

In the end, I used what I consider now to be a cheap hack to get the bomb platforms working. But hey, it works, so hopefully I'll never have to deal with it again.

Although it might seem a simple thing, this particular feature opened up a pandora's box of code changes that I had to make to get it working. Those code changes will now help me in the future whenever I want to add interactive tiles in the game.

I'm afraid that I won't have any exciting screenshots for Thanksgiving. The stuff I'll be working on doesn't exactly lend itself to screenshots, unless you want to see exciting screenshots of the delete command in the level editor. Actually to make a list:

- Add features to level editor including: Delete command for entities, change enemy facing.

- Make the game run on timer animation rather than what it currently uses(er...SDL_delay). ShoeStringGames pointed this out a few days ago, and it really is something I need to stop putting off doing.

However, I do have to create the little end of level animation, so perhaps I could have a few screenshots of that.
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Get Fraps, and post a full half hour movie of your delete command in action immediately. I have broadband. I can download it. [grin]

Glad you got your tiles working. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to exclude features because they were "incompatible with existing features" or, in English, "whole project was badly designed in the first place".

My girlfriend was playing your game the other night, by the way, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. That is more of an accomplishment than you might think.

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I was actually planning on posting a video of my valient speed run through Blocky World, as well as some of the stuff in the new level. I can probably do that today, I just need to get the right software.

To be honest, I'm always suprised to hear when people play my games for more than ten minutes. It's not that I think my games suck, but I don't know. People are always telling me on this dev journal how they love the game, so it's a great morale booster.

I did bring the last demo of the game into my Computer Science class the other day. The first reaction was, "Wow, this game is pretty cool", than "Wow, this game is hard", than finally, "Wow, you need to find a sprite artist"[lol]

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