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Stupid Computer and a Wonderful Car

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So I got up at 7:30 this morning to get to DMV early like I said I would and got all my title and registration taken care of. I wanted to get personalized plates saying DREWCFR but I have to send a form to Trenton and it takes 4-6 weeks, but then they credit me for the normal plates so that's cool. Then Heather drove me down to pick up the care and all was good. It was drizzly/rainy driving back up so I couldn't mess around too much, and of course I spun the tires out at least twice pulling away from lights, but I've since gotten used to the clutch/power/rwd combo and things are smoothing out quick. My god it's such a nice car I'm so freakin happy. Oh yea I did screw up a little bit in that I didn't register the car under my father, since it's his name on the insurance. So now he and I have to go back so he can sign on as co-owner.

Now, as for my desktop well, it's being a whiny little bitch and I wanna kick it. So I flash my ROM to update the mobo BIOS and uncheck the box that says "reset CMOS checksum to restore default settings" cause I wanna keep my settings and I update OK and restart and get an error saying some settings are wrong, press F1 to continue or F2 to restore default settings. So I was like, well fine I'll just restore the defaults and change em later and it restarts and then tells me "Error loading OS". Wonderful. I shut it off. I'm going to go back tonight and go into the BIOS and try and restore default settings again and muck around to get things working again. Barring that I'm just going to have to resintall Windows. Again. Good thing I didn't bother activating it yet... *sigh*
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