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My teacher basically told me today that the renderer engine should be seperate of the Window manager. The goal is to write a Window Manager that allows me to create multiple windows . The problem is, how do you write a class out of a WIN32 API? I know I need to do a window function call but how do you manage to put this in an OOP Perspective?

My friend already wrote some code, but it refuses to compile, and I am quite curious on how other people have solved this problem :)

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I think I understand what's going on here. If I'm barking up the wrong tree, please ignore me. :)

Since you're writing a wrapper class around a Win32 HWND, you'll need a static or non-member function to register as a WindowProc. From there, you can call a specific non-static WindowProc function that's right for the class.

Without giving you code, since this sounds like it's for an assignment, here's what you need:
1) create the window (HWND), using a static member function as the WindowProc
2) call SetWindowLong (or SetWindowLongPtr), to register your "this" pointer as user data for the window
3) when the window generates an event, you'll get to the static function. From there, do a GetWindowLong, cast that back to a Window*, then call a non-static member function pointer->HandleEvent.

Does that make sense?

Hope it helps. :)

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sounds feasable, so with this i can run multiple window instances with a new game in it? :)

Thank you!


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lol i do not mind a kick in the right direction, but rather not get a complete listing of the solution. But thanks for the feedback thus far :D

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