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I 3 RefRast

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As per my previous journal entry I seem to have cracked all my per-pixel lighting modes (well, except for a modification to get shadows on one).

I put my machine on at 6.45am and set off four versions of my code rendering 150 second movies. At 30fps that requires 4500 frames to be rendered per movie, or 18000 frames for all four.

I got home at 6pm tonight (a mere 11 hours later) and they're only about ~60% of the way through - I'd of thought 11 hours is enough time to render 18,000 frames but obviously not [bawling].

Anyway, I think I'm going to cancel these as I can't be bothered waiting any longer. When I've eventually got something rendered I'll be posting lots of lovely screenshots here...
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That's pretty awful...

11 hours for 18000 frames is about 2.2s/f. Considering you've posted frames that take 50s/f+, I think that's not too bad.

It's still 11 hours though :(.

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Considering you've posted frames that take 50s/f+, I think that's not too bad.
Yeah, it probably is more my fault for assuming 11hrs was enough time [lol]

need a render farm just to do RefRast!
Well a Gf8800 with 96 or 128 'stream processors' is probably not far off a render farm [oh]


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When in doubt, take it one at a time.
Only then will you be a jolly little jeffer. ;)

Still though, that's a long time for only 60%.

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