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Indie thoughts

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Mike Bossy


Having a bunch of indies blog about "So you want to be an indie" was a great idea. All of them approached the topic from a different angle which was nice. It was also nice to know there are a bunch of people coming from the same place and working on the same things. Just having GDNet helps me a lot in knowing that I'm not alone in my dreams.

What I did find interesting was that some of the people were still dealing with the problem of not having finished a game. This is a huge problem for the most of us so it was nice to see it's not something that has a simple answer that we've just been missing. On a related note I recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of starting work on Tiki Lounge Blackjack.

Hitting the 1 year point is both a good and bad milestone. It's good in the fact that I've been able to stay focused on one project for that long. It's also great that the game is actually finished. I figured it would probably take me a year to make the game given the part time nature of the work and the fact that I was concentrating on building a solid code base that I could build upon in the future. The bad side of the anniversary is that I still haven't figured out how to sell the thing. I would like to go the publisher route but we'll see how that goes. I'm still a little intimidated by the whole pitch process. Until I turn the game into some kind of revenue stream I'm still no closer to my escape hatch than I was when I started.

The escape hatch is still the dream and the last year of the real world work hasn't changed that one little bit. If anything it's just made the desire stronger.
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Congratulations on getting to the 1 year milestone!

Original post by Mike Bossy
Until I turn the game into some kind of revenue stream I'm still no closer to my escape hatch than I was when I started.

Regardless of revenue, you're much closer already. You've got a stable and working (and pretty [smile]) engine, and you've got a cool game that is completed and polished. Sure the money isn't in the bank (yet), but your next projects will go a lot easier given the base and knowledge that you've given yourself over the past year. Keep at it with the same dedication and commitment you've shown so far, and that escape hatch will appear quicker than you realise.

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Original post by Iced_Eagle
Have you contacted Valve about getting the game onto Steam?

I haven't contacted anyone yet but my short list includes Valve since they're local and I have a contact there. I'm not sure how casual games fit into their catalog but it's still worth a shot.

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