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Thanksgiving update.

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Prinz Eugn


So today was Thanksgiving, which means I ate a lot. We had family over, but they were of tertiary importance (1. Food 2. Nap). I got a tiny bit of work done, on unexpected things.

Partisan Mk. III

Sir Sapo and I were thinking around the other day and decided it would be way awesome if during the campaign, you got a newer airplane that was in every way superior to the previous, the Partisan Mk II. It would be capable of hovering, and taking off and landing vertically, of carrying heavier weapons, and of mounting a sweet laser instead of a gun.

I also thought it would be nice to make the new one more unique, giving it a custom color scheme, to play up the player's 'Ace' prowess. I'm going to soon have a diagram of all three partisan versions, but for now here's the Mk. III with the Ye-355.

And now larger:

Membrane Madness

So I was playing HopeDagger's new game, Membrane Madness, but I wasn't feelin it, so I decided to change the enemies to only thing I can truly take pleasure in annihilating, Communists! Well, not really, but I did stick Sickle and Hammers on them to get into the spirit. That still wasn't quite enough, so I changed the ship into a Partisan, and the result is as follows:

I humbly showed it in the comments to Hopedagger's journal, and this led to him to ask me to help with the art, and I accepted, mainly because everything that needs to be drawn for Angels 22 is pretty much done, and the other stuff can wait because I need a break from that game. I worked on it some, spending quite some time getting backrounds and um... foregrounds, I guess. I also drew another player sprite and got another cell type, as you can see in my parting screeny:

I am really tired, so I'll see you guys later, maybe with that Elbrus thing I promised, although I have to research those silly mid-term elections for Government AP.

Anyway, goodnight!

-Mark the Artist
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