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Out of... depth? (short entry)

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Prinz Eugn


Oh teh noes!! Stomach lining!

Yeah, I worked on Membrane Madness a little more today, but almost more importantly, I got my ACT scores back! Yay!

A little background:

Two years ago: 28 composite
< One year ago: 29 composite
As of this October: 33 composite

My parents promised to get me a car if I got a 32 or higher, Hurray promises! Hurray beer- uh, I mean parents! Hurray Parents!*

I think I'll go to sleep now,


*beer-commercial-slogan joke. It's late, gimme a break.
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Congrats on your ACT score. Everyone will be thoroughly convinced you're a genius, and will be begging you to tutor their kids (happened to me after I got my 34).

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Thanks, Guys!

I do get people asking for help, but it's usually on Calculus, which is not my favorite (I'm not a programmer for a reason, you know), but they do get mad at me for using their review notes to study for tests and getting higher grades than them [grin]

@HopeDagger: Good, I wish I could've spent more time on it today, but I've been writing about Joe Lieberman's support of the War in Iraq and how it cost him the primary because of the shifting blah blah blah

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Here's a belated congrats on your ACT score. I took the test for the first time in October and got a 32.

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