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I don't *want* a PS2, I *require* a PS2

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Yes, there is a difference.

See, I've never been much of a Playstation fan. I barely have enough time to game on the computer, my poor GameCube and N64 sit sadly to the side - hooked up but unused. Because of this, Nintendo has kept me more than occupied in terms of console gaming. However lately I've had a burning desire for something the PS2 offers over the GameCube and N64 - Guitar Hero and DDR.

Why? Well I've been over at my buddy's house lately jamming away at Guitar Hero and it's freakin awesome - great arm workout too. DDR is obviously a great cardio workout as well and I've been craving it a bit for years. Sure, I'm a physical guy in general, at work when I coach and do stunts, but it'd be nice to be able to get up off my ass at home every now and then as well. They say sitting around in computer chairs can be unhealthy. Whodathunkit?

Sure, in terms of physical activity the Wii will certainly prove its mettle, but I don't have one and I'm not planning on getting one till the price drops below $200 (*sniff* I'll be missin Twilight Princess till then - don't even wanna bother with the GameCube version). You can get a slim PS2 these days for about $120.

But I don't want a PS2.

So what do I do? Well I'll just have to try and trick myself. I'm going to ask for Guitar Hero II and DDR for Christmas this year. If someone gets me one or both, then I'll have no choice but to buy a PS2 to play them.

Laugh all you want - mind games work [smile]

In other news, it was finally dry and nice out today, I was able to be a bit more aggressive driving around. It was fun [grin] Already used to the clutch, it's real nice and I barely jerk even slightly into gear anymore. It was mainly getting the hang of how quick this clutch grabs on. You let your foot like an inch off and it engages. So you can let up quick and when it grabs you feel it and slowly ease up - it took a bit longer on the tibby. I topped 100mph driving home on a nice flat straight backroad (rt. 537 for you local people). Wheeeee
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Guess I don't check the journals too often, but good call on the 350Z. I'm a big fan of the Z cars, and if you really want a sports car, you gotta go RWD :D. Plus, you're working with like 100 more hp than the Tiburon aren't you? That has to be tons of fun to drive.

Also, Guitar Hero is a blast, I may have to pick up 2 sometime (I don't have 1 either, but a friend does) too.

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I'm not sure if you own a 360, but both Guitar Hero 2 and the new DDR are coming out shortly for the platform. I myself can hardly wait for GH2 as it will be so wicked on XBLive.

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I'm actually buying a PS2 for Guitar Hero as well. I bought a controller and Guitar Hero II to take to my friend's house so we can play. Sure is addicting. I heard a rumor it may be coming to the wii too.

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